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Monday, July 6, 2009

Who's Legal Rights? The Rules of God Love, Won't you help fight back?

Artist unknown: Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Thank you Beloved Grandparent Going Places,

This is a great article on how a White Man can outwit the White Man and his rules. Let us be Rainbow Warriors who fulfill prophecy, by coming home to the Family. Let us teach others how to use their double talk against themselves. Let us teach others how silly they can be. Help your relatives return to LOVE again. We must know the
system and use the system against itself. It will destroy itself. This is evolution, the third rolling hill in time. Welcome Home White Warriors who DARE to come Home. Be the Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy. Come to receive your Blessings and always be aware that we are going Home... Heaven and Earth, learn to walk on fire. Be the blessings of the New World, the DAWNING.

Mother Nation, the Black/Blue. The Child Nation, the Yellow. The Twin Child Nation, the Red, the "keeper" of all the world, when the "father of all the colors, blue, red, yellow comes home to protect the rights of all nations, the relatives."
Whiteys come home to take care of your family. Our new era that is coming home is in preparation of a new Dawning. Are you going to trust your heart and feel your rights? Take a stand, use your intelligence to arm the idiotic rules and regulations that we use today in the world. Bottom line is money, and this commerce is not in the business of protecting your rights, but in the business of rewards. Let us teach the ones who do not walk with God, that TRUE REWARD comes from knowing the heart of self and the heart of others and together we offer a new era, a DREAM that is due, true BROTHERHOOD. Evolution waits for no man. Man must learn to follow the laws to survive. Those who ponder and rescue relatives from plight are the true unsung, but now Singing from Mountaintops their hearts, their souls, their rights to true freedom without commerce, where the gift of receiving is to treat the traveler better than self. Where their rights and your rights stand clearly on the ground and here, where Heaven and Earth collide, we must and repeat MUST walk into the HALLS of GREATNESS, where true brotherhood or the golden light from within Shines for all to see.

Collisions are here to meet and greet. Offer your embrace to others and give them some common sense. Let us, tear the walls down of imprisonment. Destroy the world that has no place in the world of DAWNING, but bring in the next rolling hill in time, the THIRD PHASE OF EVOLUTION. SURVIVAL depends on it. Rescue the land Whiteys and return it to Mother, where the law of LOVE is the ONLY LAW. Feel your heart well up inside with overflowing happiness to the Returning.

Welcome Home Father Nation (White Warriors).
Welcome Home Warriors of Prophecy.
Welcome Home Rainbow Clan of Evolution.

your devoted servants,

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Elder Crystal Person

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
Elder Lavender Person

Lisping Wise One
Elder Blue Person

On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Going Places Richard Harris sent this
Links to Warriors Human Rights Group:

The Dam
This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries regarding a pond on his property. It was sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania . This guy's response is hilarious, but read State's letter before you get to the response letter.

SUBJECT: DEQ File No.97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec. 20; Lycoming County

Dear Mr. DeVries:

It has come to the attention of the Department of Environmental Quality that there has been recent unauthorized activity on the above referenced parcel of property. You have been certified as the legal landowner and/or contractor who did the following unauthorized activity:

Construction and maintenance of two wood debris dams across the outlet stream of Spring Pond.

A permit must be issued prior to the start of this type of activity. A review of the Department's files shows that no permits have been issued. Therefore, the Department has determined that this activity is in violation of Part 301, Inland Lakes and Streams, of the Natural Resource and Environmental Protection Act, Act 451 of the Public Acts of 1994, being sections
324.30101 to 324.30113 of the Pennsylvania Compiled Laws, annotated.

The Department has been informed that one or both of the dams partially failed during a recent rain event, causing debris and flooding at downstream locations. We find that dams of this nature are inherently haza
rdous and cannot be permitted. The Department therefore orders you to cease and desist all activities at this location, and to restore the stream to a free-flow condition by removing all wood and brush forming the dams from the stream channel. All restoration work shall be completed no later than January 31, 2006.

Please notify this office when the restoration has been completed so that a follow-up site inspection may be scheduled by our staff. Failure to comply with this request or any further unauthorized activity on the site may result in this case being referred for elevated enforcement action..
We anticipate and would appreciate your full cooperation in this matter. Please feel free to contact me at this office if you have any questions.

David L. Price
District Representative and Water Management Division.

Here is the actual response sent back by Mr. DeVries:
Re: DEQ File No. 97-59-0023; T11N; R10W, Sec. 20; Lycoming County

Dear Mr. Price,

Your certified letter dated 12/17/02 has been handed to me to respond to. I am the legal landowner but not the Contractor at 2088 Dagget Lane , Trout Run, Pennsylvania .

A couple of beavers are in the (State unauthorized) process of constructing and maintaining two wood 'debris' dams across the outlet stream of my Spring Pond. While I did not pay for, authorize, nor supervise their dam project, I think they would be highly offended that you call their skillful use of natures building materials 'debris.'

I would like to challenge your department to attempt to emulate their dam project any t
ime and/or any place you choose. I believe I can safely state there is no way you could ever match their dam skills, their dam resourcefulness, their dam ingenuity, their dam persistence, their dam determination and/or their dam work ethic.

These are the beavers/contractors you are seeking. As to your request, I do not think the beavers are aware that they must first fill out a dam permit prior to the start of this type of dam activity.

My first dam question to you is:

(1) Are you trying to discriminate against my Spring Pond Beavers, or

(2) do
you require all beavers throughout this State to conform to said dam request?

If you are not discriminating against these particular beavers, through the Freedom of Information Act, I request completed copies of all those other applicable beaver dam permits that have been issued.

(Perhaps we will see if there really is a dam violation of Part 301, Inland Lakes and Streams, of the Natural Resource and Environmental Protection Act, Act 451 of the Public Acts of 1994, being sections 324.30101 to 324.30113 of the Pennsylvania Compiled Laws, annotated.)

I have several concerns. My first concern is, aren't the beavers entitled to legal representation? The Spring Pond Beavers are financially destitute and are unable to pay for said representation -- so the State will have to provide them with a dam lawyer. The Department's dam concern that either one or both of the dams failed during a recent rain event, causing flooding, is proof that this is a natural occurrence, which the Department is required to protect. In other words, we should leave the Spring Pond Beavers alone rather than harassing them and calling them dam names.

If you want the stream 'restored' to a dam free-flow condition please contact the beavers -- but if you are going to arrest them, they obviously did not pay any attention to your dam letter, they being unable to read English.

In my humble opinion, the Spring Pond Beavers have a right to build their unauthorized dams as long as the sky is blue, the grass is green and water flows downstream. They have more dam rights than I do to live and enjoy Spring Pond. If the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection lives up to its name, it should protect the natural resources (Beavers) and the environment (Beavers' Dams).
So, as far as the beavers and I are concerned, this dam case can be referred for more elevated enforcement action right now. Why wait until 1/31/2006? The Spring Pond Beavers may be under the dam ice then and there will be no way for you or your dam staff to contact/harass them.

In conclusion, I would like to bring to your attention to a real environmental quality, health, problem in the area. It is the bears! Bears are actually defecating in our woods. I definitely believe you should be prosecuting the defecating bears and leave the beavers alone. If you are going to investigate the beaver dam, watch your step!
The bears are not careful where they dump!

Being unable to comply with your dam request, and being unable to contact you on your dam answering machine, I am sending this response to your dam office.



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